Your podiatrist provides you with professional care to keep your skin and nails healthy. Like a dentist that will routinely clean up your teeth to prevent future problems, your podiatrist is here to keep your feet problem free.


Foot care from a podiatrist is the same thing as a foot care from a nurse or hygienist.


A podiatrist provides professional care by using sterile surgical instruments. This ensures safe and thorough foot care. A podiatrist can also perform minor surgery and prescribe medication if needed.

It is beneficial to see a podiatrist for foot care because:

  • Your podiatrist uses sterile surgical blades to efficiently and safely remove the excess calluses on your feet.
  • Your podiatrist uses sterile surgical blades and medication to remove painful corns all the way down to their roots and prevent them from growing back again.
  • Your podiatrist can treat ingrown toenails by trimming properly or perform a minor surgery to permanently solve your ingrown toenail problem.
    Your podiatrist trims down thickened nail fungus and can prescribe medication to treat your nail fungus.

What is the process of foot care?

Here is what you should expect from your foot care consultation:

1. Evaluation of your feet

Your podiatrist will first start with a complete checkup of your feet. Your podiatrist will evaluate if you have any skin or nail problems.

2. Treating skin and nail

Then, your podiatrist will then shave down the thickened skin and trim down the thickened nail.

3. Prescribing medication

Finally, your podiatrist can prescribe medication for your skin or nail problem, if necessary.

You may benefit from foot care for these commonly treated problems:

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